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The 6th edition of The Youth Mirror (TYM) was on the 2nd September, 2017 at the Christ Family In Covenant(CFIC) auditorium Teshie, behind the Southland college. The topic of discussion was ” Creating a world of possibilities “.


The program commenced at 3:30pm. Dr. Solomon Nat Ablampah was the motivational and inspirational speaker.
He first explained the caption and also talked about the materials one can use to create his or her world of possibilities. They include;

1. Places( Where you find yourself. Being at the right place at the right time).

2. Creating a vision ( Abiding by your set goals).

3. Identifying your inner man( Who you really are and what you can do).
Furthermore, he also hammered on the tools which can help one to create his or her world of possibilities and these are;

1. Courage
That is, you need to be courageous in approaching any situation you are faced with and not be timid.

As an individual, you must persist in whatever challenge you are faced with and triumph in it as well.

3. Endurance
One must endure all challenges.

4. Self challenge
You must challenge yourself to do something extraordinary.

5. Environmental challenge
You must allow the situation in your surrounding to encourage you to do exploits.

6. Taking risk
Don’t limit yourself, go beyond the extra.
Some of the inspirational quotes are also:

1.” Knowing your true self is knowing the way to live”

2. “Don’t let people recommend you before you recommend yourself “.

3. ” There is none like your kind”.

At the end of the event, interviews were granted to some set of individuals whose lives had been greatly transformed by TYM.


Mr. Theophilus Adjetey Teye was once a Human Resource Manager at his previous institution. He came for talk show and was really motivated by Dr. Solomon’s words. So he decided to do something.


He quitted his job as an HR and today he is an entrepreneur on his own. He has his own art galley and his art works are fully made out of embroidery. Today, he is the boss of his own and transforming various lives in the world today.


TYM has really impacted into the world we see today.
On the 1st of December 2017 at the Royal Ravico Hotel Nungua, 2:30 pm prompt, Dr. Solomon Nat Ablampah is going to have another inspirational talk and the topic for discussion is” Investing in your past ( Making your past tomorrow) “.


The attire for the gents is Executive suit and for the ladies is a dinner wear. The tickets are available for 50 Ghana CEDI’s.


You can contact us for more enquires and ticket reservation on:
Our social media pages on facebook, Instagram and Twitter is, The Youth Mirror.
You can email us on :
Our post office address is:
P.O.Box TN 1820,
Teshie- Nungua Estates.


We hope to see you all at the 7th edition of The Youth Mirror this 1st December,2017. You cannot afford to miss this live transforming event.
Thank you.