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Prophet Abraham Osei Kofi,Founder of Victory Apostolic Church ,Bethany Temple Ofankor branch Amalia,at a congregation during preaching he stated that pastors do not have the authority to bless.


He made it clear that pastor’s who proclaim such powers are using another power which is not from God.


He mentioned that,all pastors who preach and say ‘I’,I can do this and that,then that pastor is not a real caller of the Holy Spirit ,because all pastors stand in for God, he gives abundance of blessing through pastors ,so without him(GOD),no blessing coming from a pastor is Real he stated”’.


Speaking further ,Pastors are humans, we say and God blesses it,If God doesn’t bring the blessing, Pastors can also not bless,it takes anointing from the Holy Spirit.


He concluded by sending a word of advice to his fellow colleague pastors that,we should stop claiming and preach the word,put a stop to all these I have the power to bless,”all pastors doing that your calling is not from the Holy Spirit ,but is from elsewhere” ,He Chided.