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Commercial motor-cycle riders popularly known as okada are having a field day in the national capital where heavy vehicular traffic is common. the traffic starts right from the morning, normally referred to as the rush hour when most commuters leave home to transact their businesses. it is the same from 5pm when most commuters are retuning home after a hard days work.

The situation has become so intense that most commuters now pick okada as their means of transport to avoid daily traffic despite the risks involved where some even lose their lives through accidents and robbery.

In an interview with some Ashaiman market drivers,they said;okada riders are taking over their commercial business and raised concern about how some even don’t pay income tax,road worthy and other taxes to the government.

Also,some traders at the Ashaiman market complained bitterly about how some armed robbers use okada as their means of operation.they are therefore pleading with the authorities and government to take a step in ensuring effective enforcement of the laws abiding transportation in the country.


Harrison Selina