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⁠⁠⁠⁠ Ashiaman Municipal Assembly is located about four kilometres to North of Tema and and about 30km from Accra,the capital of Ghana.
Ashiaman shares boundaries on the north and east ,and on the west with Adjei Kojo township. A major problem facing Ashiaman market is that when it rains the grounds of the markets floods up and it makes the market a burning ground to standard.
Especially too when it rains,the water Carry’s away some of our items which is very pathetic.
We also have to stand in the rain still its stop since there is no place for us to go We are calling with plead for the government and the AMA to come to our aid as quick as possible to pave the market grounds for us ,also we have made several complains to our heads so we are looking forward to them also to speed up with the problem.
Story by Cynthia Mensah.